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Zenon Andrusyszyn : Artistic and Executive Director
Zenon Andrusyszyn is a Montreal-born Canadian artist and educator and the founder of CANADIGM. He has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, a Diploma in Art Education from McGill and has been practicing his profession for 40 years. He taught at the secondary level for over 20 years and was a college instructor in Technical Theatre for five years. He has also taught visual art in continuing education programs. Zenon is also an experienced photographer and designer, having laid out a number of pavilions during the 1995 World Curling championships. His interest in Canadian history, combined with his experience as a visual artist and art educator, led him to establish The Canadian Historical Documentation & Imaging Group (CANADIGM). He is currently overseeing development of the Souterraine Impressions Project. 
Catherine Blake: Photographer
Catherine Blake studied photography at The Banff School of Fine Arts and Humber College. Some of her photographs have appeared in the London Free Press, the Toronto Star, and several best-selling books on Canadiana. During her 25-year career at The University of Western Ontario she developed, managed, and evaluated award-winning courses and programs for adult students, university faculty, and community members, as well as published several scholarly articles. She has a Masters degree and a Diploma in Adult Education and welcomes the chance to return to her photography roots with the CANADIGM group.
Dave Elson: Logistics / Millwright
Dave is a certified millwright and has worked at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts as a Technologist for the last 24 years. His area of expertise is in mechanical, precision machining, welding, woodworking and industrial design. His extensive experience in these fields has been an asset in helping to create many of the specialized pieces of equipment required for CANADIGM’S documentation processes.


Emmy MacLachlan : Artist / Photographer
Emmy has a foundation of knowledge in biological research, clinical psychology and the fine arts. She has a Master of Science, degrees in Human Developmental Assessment and Counselling, and Art Therapy. She began her studies in electron microscopy at the University of British Columbia and has continued developing her avid interest in photography for the past 40 years. Her experience provides a diverse perspective for the examination and documentation of our historical treasures.
Dan Mansfield: Computer Specialist / Information Technologist
Dan Mansfield is an IT systems administrator with the Department of National Defence, based at Wolseley Barracks in London. Dan has worked in the IT field for past 14 years, 11 of which were with the DND.
Brett Potter: Logistics / Assistant Photographer
Brett Potter is a quality assurance auditor with London-based General Dynamics Land Systems Canada, where he’s worked since 1988. He has a keen interest in all things military and his hobbies and areas of expertise include photography and bringing derelict military vehicles back to life, piece by piece. Brett was a member of the reserves for three years and both his grandfathers and his father also served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Joining the CANADIGM team is one way he honours their service to Canada.  Brett is responsible for logistics (moving things from point A to point B) and because of his extensive mechanical background also tends to be CANADIGM’s go-to guy when anything needs fixing.
Steve Weed : Visual Communications
Using his visual expertise, Steve assists with the photographic imaging and helps to interpret obscured or hard-to-read names on the cave walls for the Souterraine  Impressions Project. He has also been instrumental in creating the look of CANADIGM, including its logo, uniform and exhibit design. Steve is a semi-retired graphic designer with over 35 years of corporate and agency experience, including 23 years as owner of Tempo Graphics in London. His company has received numerous design awards over the years. Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in design from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has taught Basic Design at Fanshawe College, and currently enjoys volunteering at the London Food Bank.

Katrina Pasierbek
Katrina is currently completing her PhD in Canadian History at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her research focuses on the transition of the Western Front from a battle site to a cultural site, and how the presentation of the landscape has informed the collective memory of the First World War. She holds three degrees from King’s University College and Western University, and has worked in the museum field in educational programming and exhibition research. Katrina contributed the biographical research that continues to connect the carvings in Maison Blanche to the soldiers who created them.
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