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As a not-for-profit group we depend on donations and sponsorships. This is what enables us to document, duplicate and bring into the public domain important parts of Canadian history.

Our project entitled the Souterraine Impressions, is comming to a conclusion. It involves documenting, researching and recreating images and carvings made in 1917 by Canadian soldiers sheltered in an underground cave in France prior to the Battle for Vimy Ridge. These First World War soldiers etched into the chalk walls to pass the time, but also to leave behind something by which to be remembered – something which has never before been fully documented.

CANADIGM has recreate these carvings and linked the men who did them. This work has culminated in a cross-country travelling exhibit whch began 2015 leading up to the Battle for Vimy Ridge centenary in 2017.

Needless to say, costly and specialized equipment is required for this kind of work, as well as travel expenses, exhibit costs and logistical considerations. Your donation or sponsorship assistance will have a real and direct impact on preserving these historic and very personal images for present and future generations of Canadians.

We’d be delighted to discuss our various sponsorship levels and explain how and where your organization will be recognized for its support.

We are curently in the process of organizing the next project and hope to breing this information to you in the near future pending funding.

To find out more, please contact us by entering the following email address in your email:

Please help us keep history alive.

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